Tree Removal Tips

Removing trees on your backyard is something that comes with a heartbreaking decision for some, especially if the tree has been around for many decades now. Trees that are standing strong and tall that fell down after the recent storm have to be removed immediately as they pose a great danger to you and your family.  


There are many reasons why you must remove your tree. As a matter of fact, it’s almost a certainty. The more relevant question now is when and how you should remove the tree. Read on to know more about tree removal and how the professionals can help you with it.  

The Best Time to Remove a Tree 

Unless it’s an emergency situation, the best time to remove trees is during the tree’s dormant season. Such a season is the time of the year when they grow new leaves the least. To know what’s the dormant season of your tree species is, do some research. You may also ask an arborist about it.  

However, a lot will tell you that the best time to remove tree is during the spring and winter months because that’s when the cost is lower. That’s also true. You’re lucky if you’re tree’s dormant season coincide with spring or winter. Don’t worry a lot of trees fall under that category.  

The Cost of Removing Trees  

Like most services, the cost of tree removal would depend on the complexity of the job. If the tree is too big and tall, then it’s going to be more expensive because it will likely require more labor hours and manpower to do the job safely.  

Like stated earlier, the price can also up during summer and fall, as these are the busiest days of the year for arborists. However, it’s quite favorable to remove trees during these times of the year because the weather is good. The stormy and windy months are usually the most expensive season as these are the times when emergency tree services are usually called in.  

How to Hire Tree Removal Experts  

There are many tree removal experts whom you can talk to that can help you out with this task. However, be sure that your talking only with experienced professionals. There are many people out there posing are arborists but in fact, they’re nothing more than a man with an ax.  

Hire arborists to be sure, but you must check to see their license. Also, ask for a quote from them so you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for. It’s best that you compare quotes between companies so you can eliminate the low bids. When it comes to tree service, your safety is the highest concern. Super low bids can be quite suspicious, especially if you’re dealing with a company that doesn’t have a physical office in your area.  

To be very sure, do a background check of all the experts in tree trimming Lafayette. Check out the unbiased reviews that their previous clients have given them and try to verify their license number and permits with government and business bureaus.   

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