Ways to Dispose of Huge Household Items Properly

It can be serious trouble if you want to eliminate huge household items. Disposing of huge item can be a stressful event since they are hard to transport, huge, and bulky. A lot of people are left thinking about how to eliminate these things once and for all with the least amount of effort.  

Here are several options that you can try: 

Hire a Junk Removal Company 

You can think about hiring a Fullerton junk removal company for your bulk pickup if you’re looking for the simplest possible option. These companies will dispose of and get rid of a lot of things. They will do it in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.  

If you’re a DIY type of person, you should not worry. These companies also provide dumpster rentals as well.  


Of course, due to its size, simply recycling something such as a huge storage shed can be hard. In order to get it to a recycling center, you may have to break the shed down by hand. This means that you will have to use safety goggles and gloves. You’ve got to ensure that every person that’s going to help has a tetanus shot. You should prepare your tools as well.  

However, you’ve got to ensure that you contact your local recycling center and see if they’ve got restrictions on what they’ll accept before you start the process. It’s pretty common for recycling centers to have a lot of restrictions. Thus, before bringing in your massive haul of bulk waste, you should ensure that you check first.  


One way to eliminate household items that you do not want is to donate it. However, donating still has its restrictions. Not all items are simple to donate.  

There are several things that may be hard to donate. There are a lot of individuals who will be willing to purchase it if your bathtub is in excellent shape. However, you will probably have a hard time getting rid of it if it isn’t in excellent condition since they are heavy. Thus, they are pretty tricky to move.  

This can also be applied for other huge household items like sectional sofas. Donating or selling your sofa can be an option if it is still in excellent shape and isn’t showing any signs of wear and tear.  

Throw Your Junk Items 

Calling your town to see if they’ll pick it up is one excellent way to deal with bulk waste. Usually, towns have a monthly or yearly bulk item pickup day and time for bigger things such as sectional sofas, old appliances, and other large pieces of old furniture.  

Unluckily, not every town participates if free pickup of bulk items. Thus, this method does have limits.  

If you’ve got a truck able to haul big items, landfills are a choice for bulk waste. However, you should keep in mind that landfills are also selective in regards to what they’ll take. In addition to that, almost every landfill in the US is severely over-filled.